About Upstatus

A little about upstatus.io and its history.

Upstatus.io started as a small project to monitor our teams multiple internal projects and our clients websites. We found that various website status monitoring services were either cost prohibitive or just didn't give us the stats or simplicity that we craved.

So, we built our own. With simplicity in mind and giving you every bit of detail you need, when you need it at a great price.

Everyone with a website knows that things can go wrong. In fact, it probably will. It could be the code, the server or the network.

Knowing when your site is unavailable is critical to any business. Upstatus.io will alert you in a way that suits you via email, SMS, push notification to your mobile device and integration with your favorite app! Before alerting we perform a second check on every incident from to filter out false positives, so we don’t unnecessarily bother you.